Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I love my guild. We cleared Rags last night and the Band of Sulfras dropped. It's a sweet ring for a Healdin, almost 400 mana with BoK and pretty close to 1% spell crit. Now our guild has five active raiding paladins. But one of them is being two boxed by a hunter, and two of the others have spotty raid attendance. So there are two of us that have 90% raid attendance. And the other Paladin spent the DKP for the ring. A mage and warlock wanted it as well but they didn't have anywhere near as much DKP as the other Paladin so he won. And the best part is that not a single person bitched about it. There was no whining about "Paladins shouldn't roll on caster gear." or other such nonsense.

I keep seeing more and more guilds that are looking for Paladins. Raiding level guilds wanting Paladins. And I find myself looking at thier web pages and thier DKP systems and there is a common thread. All of them have item "preferances" for all non-class spefic items. Then I see guilds that don't have these dumb restrictions. And they end up with the odd Paladin getting an Ashkandi or QSR. But they also are never looking for Paladins. And they get *good* paladins to stay.

Assuming Blizzard keeps driving the Paladin player base away from the game, then more and more guilds are going to have problems keeping Paladins if they keep up this stupid idea that Paladins shouldn't roll on anything.


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